Why Use Dedicated Proxy Servers

Dedicated proxy servers are the same public proxy servers but with a slight difference. They require a user name and password before you will be able to use them. Also noteworthy is that with dedicated proxy server you will have always the one IP address which you will never be able to change.

The advantage of dedicated proxy server is that they have a very high speed connection and 100% uptime. Many users move to public proxy servers from such services because they are much more stable and less loaded.

Dedicated Proxy Servers Usually Have Poor Customer Service

The reason why dedicated servers had 40-60% uptime instead of 100% was simple: the owners of such service simply do not care about single client. They sell the same one IP to thousands of clients, while one IP could handle maximum 10 average clients. You will also pay attention that they never reply to your email with questions. They prefer easy and fast money. They do not care about their reputation.

Public Proxies Have an Advantage

Why are public proxy servers are more stable? Pay attention to our real time stats for last 24 hours. You will see that we have at least 15.000 different proxy servers during 24 hours. At the same time the average amount of clients is 50-100. With simple math 15.000/100 = 150 proxy servers for each user.

Ok, let's move back to the main topic if dedicated proxy server provider could provide you with 100% uptime and 100mbit speed then we can say that the main advantage is stability plus speed.

Dedicated Proxy Services May Store Your Info

You should take into account that your privacy is under high risk. The owners of such services store all your activity. They will explain to you that they will never give that logs to any third party, and they keep them only for security reasons. But who knows? Will they keep faith or not? Also if you like to surf porn sites for example, later the administrator of a dedicated proxy server will know all your secret sexual dreams.

To cut a long story short, dedicated proxy servers are good only in very few cases. When you do not need to keep your identity secure and the proxy speed is more important for you, go for dedicated proxies. One last question to ask yourself is if your identity is publicly available, why use a proxy at all?