What is a Proxy?

Chances are you've heard of a proxy server, but you may not understand how it works. A proxy server can be considered to be a middle man that connects your computer and the internet. Its functions will process all the requests you make, save all the files that you download, and essentially perform all the tasks you want to perform on the Internet.

A Summary of the Most Basic Tasks of a Proxy Server

Not only do proxy servers perform a lot of tasks, they protect anonymity. They make web surfing more convenient and also protect security.

  1. 1
    Speeding up your internet connection and work
  2. 2
    Hiding your IP address so that you can protect yourself from identity theft and other snooping
  3. 3
    Saving net traffic by compressing the information you get from the user
  4. 4
    Making it easy for you to view sites that have been blocked

Proxy Servers Give You Freedom to Access

Proxy servers are also known for allowing people access to sites that have been banned by a particular authority. Proxy servers are the way to go for people who value privacy protection. They allow you to remain more hidden than you would be if you were using a normal server.

When your IP address is masked, your net usage will not be tracked back to you. There are a lot of site administrators who use IP to block the people who want to break the rules. This is vital information that can be used by hackers or any negative party against your advantage. Using a proxy would certainly help you protect your safety and anonymity.

Choosing which Proxy Server is Best

Keep in mind that not all proxy servers are equally anonymous. There are some that would not be able to hide your IP. There are some that would certainly hide your IP address, but they might be too expensive. Your mission is to find a proxy that is cheap and also effective.

There are tons of lists on the internet, but make sure the article is current. Also be aware of the fact that there are some proxy servers that can be joined into chains taking you from one proxy to another. The chain of proxy can mask your address completely and increase your anonymity, but it would severely reduce the speed of your Internet.

Proxy Servers Help With Efficiency

Often, proxy servers are used to make the internet work faster. Usually, server data has a dedicated connection line. It is quicker to work around these than to address web resources directly. The server cache, measured in terms of gigabytes, keeps a copy of the information within. This information is taken from the resources most accessed by users.

Proxy Servers Optimize Your Internet Experience

There is no reason why you should delay in using a proxy server when you search the internet. It's better to prepare yourself increasing security rather than having to repair your credit and other potential compromises that have been made in your security.