About Public Proxy Servers

Public proxy servers can be used by anyone. They do not even require user names or passwords. One exception is related to security reasons. Some public proxy servers could block user requests for certain countries so many are illegal hacking attempts.

One may wonder why, while there are different proxy servers that charge fees, why is someone running proxy servers for free? Let's explore how proxy servers are created.

  1. 1
    The administrator sets up a squid proxy server on his server. If he doesn't change anything in terms of the settings, the default proxy server shall behave like a public one.
  2. 2
    If administrator left default settings then the port would be 3128. You have three options of possible default: port 80, 8080 and 3128.
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    All you need is an IP address to find a good public server. This is how some users create IP scans, searching for a wide range of IPs for any public proxy servers.

Port or IP scans are prohibited by the law. For your own protection, it is better not to do it. Make sure that you do not use a proxy server without asking for the requisite permission from its owner. In case you come across any proxy, you must ensure that you contact its administrator and request him /her for permission to use and share it with third parties.

Advantages of Public Proxy Servers

The main advantage of public proxy servers is privacy. There are numerous public proxy servers which are used by thousands of new users across the globe on a daily basis. Some users could think that is a disadvantage rather than an advantage, but do not hurry with your conclusion.

If you use public proxy servers, it is almost impossible to find your web requests among other user's activity. They log and keep files which then deleted later on. Only requests for huge amounts of information are kept. The average user's request is not in this category.

Disadvantages of Proxy Servers

But of course public proxy servers have some disadvantages. They shut down and open up again on a regular cycle. For the regular user it is really boring to searching for the one that works optimally, but registered members don't have this problem.

We developed our engine so it works 24 hours per day and does proxy check every 30 seconds. At any time our registered member can have most recently checked (just 30-60 seconds ago) proxy list.

Do not forget that with public proxy servers, you have hundreds of working proxy servers from different countries and cities. That makes it theoretically impossible to track your online activity. You can change your virtual country location within seconds.