Short description of the service:

Having more then 10 years of experience with public proxy servers we decided to develop exclusive and unique engine that will help users to check and sort available proxy servers. Our engine works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in none stop conditions. It checks available proxy servers (over 30.000 in main database) in more than 300 threads. Also we store uptime history for each and every proxy server in our database and allow our users to select proxy servers according to: min. uptime, min. speed, max. ping, should proxy server support POST&GET and CONNECT methods or SSL connection.

Only our site checks proxy servers every 30 seconds and updates proxy lists (which are available to download for VIP users) every ONE minute. All our VIP clients get the possibility to generate their own unique download link. With help of that link users can download proxy servers according their needs in clean TXT format (without entering CAPTCHA or even visiting our web site). That link is software friendly, 100% of programs and scripts (parsers, posters, grabbers, hit counters and so on) can load proxy servers from such download link.

By buying access you get unlimited access to all 'alive' proxy servers we have at the moment. It is hard to predict how much working proxy servers we will have at any particular moment, since our engine is working in fully automatic mode BUT you can expect to have approximately 200-350 anonymous + elite working proxy servers at any time for latest 10 minutes (BTW if you will increase time interval, you will get more proxy severs, for additional information please refer to the explanation of 'time interval' value).

ATTENTION! We do not guarantee that proxy will not be banned from different search engines or any other web sites. Please take into account that we are not the owners of those proxy servers and thus can not guarantee their stability or be responsible for the rules which their administrator had created.

P.S. The frequency of proxy 'death' in the list is directly connected to how many threads you will use with chosen proxy (since you are not the only one in our system please behave honestly, do not overload any particular one proxy and respect other users), thus you should not use more then 3 threads with one proxy - this value is optimal loading.

Conditions of usage:

1. Only one user, who bought access, is allowed to use our service. The usage by group of people with one subscription is strongly prohibited. It is allowed to use the service by only one person and from one particular IP address.

2. Sending SPAM with our service is prohibited.

3. It is not allowed to use free proxy checking software to check our proxy servers (that will cause our proxy servers become public available). Also it is not allowed to share bought proxy server list with friends, colleagues and others. This can extremely load our proxy servers that at the end will cause low speed and bad quality of our service

4. It STRONGLY prohibited reselling our proxy servers list even partially. Please take into account that we use to add some proxy servers that are under monitoring by our system and it helps us to determine the action of reselling. In case we found some dishonest users, they will be disconnected from our service immediately! Even if their guilt would be proved indirectly.

5. The usages of our service from IP which is not registered in our system will cause immediate disconnect user and without any money back.

6. We keep right to refuse client in service if his behavior harms our service in any way or impedes other users. For example the decline can be issued if someone's usage caused rapid decrease of proxy amount in our system. Every client who is using our service should act honestly and should not load any proxy more then with 3 streams.

Everything listed above are rules which are devoted to improve our service (which at the end will benefit you) and are not created to strict someone in something. By buying service you agree with rules listed above and also you agree that in case you break any rule above you will be disconnected from the system without any money back.

Case you have more questions please never hesitate to contact us.

* Due to increased amount of cheaters who is buying access from stolen PayPal accounts we decided to supply PayPal system with their (cheater's) IP addresses and all available information for the further investigation. Also we have in habit to block whole subnet after such activity and prevent future request of servers from such IPs. So please behave honestly (we have already the smallest price on the NET) and you will be treated in the same way.

* * Also please take into account that if you are going to buy access, download whole proxy database and after request money back, you will not get even once cent. Once you buy access you will not be able to get any money back, except the situations when you have good reason to do so.