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Proxy Extractor - how to use
‘Proxy Extractor’ can extract proxies from local (txt, html) file or web page.
  • To extract proxies from local file, simply choose appropriate option, paste file’s content in ‘File content’ field and press ‘Extract’ button.
  • To extract proxies from web page you will need to choose appropriate option, paste web page’s URL in ‘Web page URL’ field and press ‘Extract’ button.
  • To extract proxies from iframe, iframe’s src should be pasted as ‘Web page URL’.
NOTE: ‘Proxy Extractor’ can not extract proxies in format like ‘’, it supports only format like ‘ [anything] 8080’. We are working over it.
Extract proxies from web page
Web page URL:
Extract proxies from local file
Local file:
Extract proxies from text (html)
File's content:
Extracted proxies