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Our prices and how to buy:

One month (30 days) - 10 US dollars (just $0.33 per day)

One day trial - 2 US dollars (ALL SOLD)

We accept: paypal, webmoeny (for other currencies please contact us)

For more information how to pay please contact us:

ICQ: 277-767 OR e-mail: administrator [at] or read on our Forum About Proxy

Why you should buy access to VIP zone:

Here are some of the most important reasons:

1. Proxies in public zone are shown with 10 minute delay. That means that you see proxies that used to work ten minutes ago. While in VIP zone you are shown proxies that we used to be alive 30 seconds(!) ago. That means: all proxies you will be shown in VIP zone will be alive.

2. In public zone, anonymous proxies amount will never be more then 40, while in VIP zone their amount can vary from 60 up to 300 (in average 200).

3. The speed of proxies in VIP zone is higher, while they are used by small group of people (no more then 50 users).

4. In VIP zone you can choose the time period you want to get proxies for. This makes your work more flexible with different types of your projects.

5. Many proxies from VIP zone will never get in public zone, this means that they will live times more then the same ones from public zone.

6. Proxies from VIP zone have higher 'uptime' value (from 70% up to 100%) than in public (approx 20%).

7. VIP section got important filter option 'CONNECT', the one you cannot find in public section.

8. No more restriction with proxy list download.

If you are still in doubts whether to buy access or no, try trial access for one day and you will see the high speed and quality of VIP zone proxies by your own.

How to generate your own download link:

To download the fastest and most recently checked proxies without any restriction you have to buy password (please see the price at the end of the page). At the moment, the maximum amounts of passwords to be sold will not be more then 50. This means that only small group of people will have access to VIP zone and proxies will not be overloaded. As for the quantity or working proxies - it can vary from 60 up to 1000 depends of the day time and selected time interval.

To make your password work (get your own download link):

1. Enter your password into Password field
2. Fill the proxy parameters according options you need (proxy type, country, time interval)
3. Click on the button 'Generate unique link'
4. In the field 'URL' you will get unique link which you can use to download proxies from VIP zone

As for your own 'unique download link', you can generate a new one with new parameters as many times as you want, but just pay attention that with new one, the old one became inactive.

Definitions of parameters:

Port, country, type: all these parameters are well know and are not required to be described

Interval: put the amount of minutes you want to get proxies for. For example, if you put 30, you will get all proxies that were working during last 30 minutes. The more minutes you enter the more proxies you will get but they will be worse in quality and vice versa.

Your IP: IP of your PC or web server, the one proxy list will be requested from. Case you are going to request proxies from the PC you are useing now, leave it as is. This parameters helps you to avoid your download link be stolen by third party.

Password: your unique key necessary to generate your own download link. I will be active for the certain time. At the moment, there is only one way to get it "buy". While we are planning to plant a different kind of system, when you can gain access by adding proxies to our bases, in other words it will be system of points.